Cycle Friendly Campus


Cycling Scotland has developed a suite of Cycle Friendly programmes to help promote and support cycling locally and make our workplaces, schools, campuses and communities more cycle friendly.

Following the success of our Cycle Friendly Schools and Employer Awards (and now the introduction of a Community Award), the Cycle Friendly Campus Award is aimed at encouraging and supporting colleges and universities across Scotland to take a leading role in increasing the number of students, staff and visitors traveling by bike. The award will focus on encouraging and enabling students to make regular journeys to, from and around campus by bike.

You can find out more by downloading the Cycle Friendly Campus Award Handbook.



Step One  
Identify the lead person or project officer who can manage the journey through the Cycle Friendly process.  There might be member of staff who has a role in supporting cycling, active travel or sustainability.

Step Two     
Complete the registration and self-assesment questionnaire. It is a good idea to take a look at what support there is for cycling on your campus. Consider cycle parking available, opportunities to hire or buy discounted bikes, cycling clubs or cycle training. Think about any events around campus where cycling is encouraged and discuss with other students and staff what they think would improve cycling to, from and around your campus.

Step Three
Cycling Scotland will work closely with campus staff and students to build a development plan and kick start the journey towards achieving Cycle Friendly status.

Cycle Friendly Campus Development Grant 2017/18

What is the fund?

The Cycle Friendly Campus Development Fund is designed to support Scottish colleges and universities and to take a leading role in increasing the number of journeys by bike. 
Capital projects which are focused on improving cycling facilities and physical infrastructure – such as cycle parking, signage, changing facilities - are the key focus on this funding opportunity.



How much is available?


Dependant on the level of demand, it is expected that Cycling Scotland will award individual grants of between £5,000 and £25,000. Applications for less than £5,000 may still be considered if it can be evidenced that the project is likely to have a sufficient impact on cycling rates.



Who is eligible?

The Cycle Friendly Campus Development Fund is open to all Scottish colleges and universities (and associated organisations) who are actively working to promote cycling as a sustainable travel choice.

Projects must be focused on campuses located in Scotland. 



What are the key dates?

Launch Date: 28thth November 2017

Deadline: 10th January 2018

Decision: by 5th February 2018


How to apply?

  1. Download an application pack from
  2. In advance of applying, seek advice from Cycling Scotland’s Development Officer.
  3. Submit your application via email to  by 17:00, 10th January 2018


Who to contact for more information?


Valentin Jeanjean

Development Officer

Tel: 0141 229 5443

What does a Cycle Friendly Campus look like?

Working towards the Cycle Friendly Campus Award will help your college or university create an environment that supports staff, students and visitors to travel by bicycle.
A recognised Cycle Friendly Campus may offer cycle parking, bike hire or loan schemes, cycle training, access to showers and lockers or personal travel planning.
Perhaps staff and students will take part in Pedal for Scotland, Scotland’s biggest bike event, or host regular bike breakfasts to maintain momentum and bring others on board.
The Cycle Friendly Campus Award will recognise campuses which promote cycling as an accessible, attractive and convenient travel choice for staff, students and visitors.

Why go for the Cycle Friendly Campus Award?
Getting more of the campus community to cycle will offer a range of benefits.

Improved health and well-being for all
•Regular cycling has been proven to have a positive effect on physical and mental well-being, meaning students and staff arrive more alert and ready for the day ahead

Improved image and perception
•The Cycle Friendly Campus Award reflects a positive environment in which to study, live and work, increasing the marketability of your campus to students, staff and sponsors.

Improved links between campuses
•A convenient, affordable and efficient mode of transport is very likely to improve connectivity between campuses

Reduced pollution and congestion
•With fewer short distance car journeys to and from campus, carbon emissions will be lower and congestion reduced

Responsible travel choices for life
•Students may carry cycling habits on to the workplace and inspire friends and family to do the same

2015 Pilot Project
Cycling Scotland has partnered with the following five higher and further education institutions in order to trial measures aimed to encourage cycling among the student body. By clicking on the links below, you can find out more about what they offer in support of cycling

-          The University of Edinburgh 
-          Glasgow Caledonian University
-          The University of Dundee
-          Fife College
-          Heriot-Watt University

For more information on Cycle Friendly Campus, contact:
Valentin Jeanjean, Development Officer  – 0141 229 5443
or email