MCM - Planning and Design (Specialism 2: Detailed Design)

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Candidates who compltete the Planning Making Cycling Mainstream covers Planning & Design, Policy & Strategy and Behaviour Change.  For each learning stream there are a variety of levels available from Foundation to Practitioner.  

Candidates who complete the Planning and Design Specialism 2 module will:

–Discuss the details of various infrastructure requirements typically associated with cycling projects

This will be an interactive session including case studies and group exercises.

Attendance and participation counts as three hours of recognised CPD time.

MCM is aimed at Roads Engineers, Urban designers, planners, local authority officers, RTP staff, Outdoor access staff, community groups, elected members and anyone who wishes to learn more about design for cycling infrastructure. Specialism 2 is aimed at anyone with a basic familiarity of the principles of Planning and Design and who wants to apply these principles in more detail to a cycling project.

MCM courses are delivered by a range of skilled facilitators and / or industry experts representing both Cycling Scotland and partner organisations

Minimum Age


What skills do I need?

Candidates will benefit most from this course when they can apply knowledge and learning from a cycling or walking project they will be involved in.

It is recommended that candidates complete the MCM Planning and Design Specialism 1 course on Planning

How long does it take?

3 hours

What will I need?

What will it cost?

Free of charge

What's next?

Participants can progress from Specialism 1-Specialism 2 onto a written assessment for Practitioner level. This provides a pathway of CPD accredited training within a specific learning stream.

Course Dates