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My day-job is feeding computers for NHS Tayside and University of Dundee but that's 4 days a week and I often use the 5th for cycle training. (My other main job is helping look after the two children my wife and I adopted in 2009.) I get about by bike for business, pleasure and utility. I've got quite a few to choose from... I'm a qualified Cycle Trainer Plus and Workplace Cycle Instructor delivering training as a volunteer. I'm also qualified as a Cycle Ride Leader and Scottish Cycling Level 2 Coach. I deliver Cycling Scotland courses in everyday clothes and without a helmet because I think it's important that cycling is seen as a normal, reasonably safe form of transport where special equipment (aside from a cycle) is a choice rather than something that is needed. If you want an instructor wearing a helmet I'm afraid I can't help. I have a cycling bit on my web page, see

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